Friday, 24 October 2008

Bee Dogs, dog...

Bartok, we need to get Lola in one of these pieces...

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Phone clips

I'm going to get rid of my blower so thought I'd clear it out. I found these clips. Two of them are funny and one is very, very serious.

Happy Birthday Stuart and Seth...

...but enough about those ballbags, lets get back to me, me, me...

Popped by Slam on my lunch break and the lovely Dan Callow kindly furnished me with an old copy of Sidewalk magazine with my 'silverscreen article' in.

I look fat and mildly retarded and my socks are bad.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Whose socks are these stuffed behind my radiator?

cut and paste that link for the antipodean manbeast

Seymour Butts

Just delivered the new Alphabeat promo for 'What Is Happening'...

It was one of the best shoots ever; I didn't even open any excel spreadsheets, made no calls, didnt argue with any sparks, grips or labs. Just turned up to Shepperton after the pub, ate pizza, drank wrap beers and got my picture taken throwing gang signs with world class DoP, Adam Frisch and world class Director/Encino man, Toben Seymour.

Here is Toben getting his directing on

Thug life.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Sweets? Puppies? Kittens?

New Blueprint video, 'Make Friends With The Colour Blue', is apparantly well underway. 

Heaviness guaranteed.

Best. Shit. Ever.

Possibly the best website ever.

If you like skateboarding from when it was best.


Yes Timo. Yes Corin. Yes Jon.
They all won some shit; best Commissioner, best VFX in a video and 'Icon' award.
If you don't know these people then go ahead and try to figure out which is which. Its like 'pin the award on the donkey', except they're not donkeys, they're all good lads.

Nice of them to let me know...

So, in typical Fos/Landscape tinpot styles, somebody over there forgot to inform me that my film 'Portraits' (2003) was being offered as a podcast, section by section, at Its always good to see your hard work hacked into sections in a tiny little window.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Courtesy of KesslerKam

A front row pic (Liz WAS the front row!) at Barfly gig the other night...

More pints than hours sleep is never a good ratio. 

We had fun though...

Monday, 6 October 2008


Nothing new about this news... I'm sure every video nerd out there has already seen this, but for those who haven't, this is the amazing treatment which secured Spike Jonze the Pharcyde 'Drop' video.

If only all treatments were like this...

Jon Spencer 'Fuzzbox' (Dir: Corin Hardy)

...and here is Corins Jon Spencer vid that he did a couple of weekends ago for a grand budget of tiddly squat.

Its like a porno Peter Gabriel vid...

Get involved....

So, carrying on from his last zero budget freebie that Corin did for Jon Spencer, here he is in richmond park and lake with his bolex camera, shooting the next one...

Dont feel that bad for him though, he was only in up to his knees whereas Helena jumped in, swum underwater and risked blue/green algae skin rash and an attack by a swarm of ticks. brrrr

Extremely Gay Paree further to last weeks post, here is that awkward 'pap' style shot they wanted. All looking pretty natural then. Must admit, I felt the pressure to suck the belly in. Thanks Bloomsbury Tavern.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

"Sweet lord, I'm so very high"

Sitting at work today, in the procrastination department of Academy films, flicking through 'Exposure' magazine... and guess who pops up in the 'up and coming DOP list'?


Gay Paris

So just got back from another little jolly in gay paree...

Barely even hit the white cliffs of Dover before the media were all over it:

Thanks a lot to the Kus Kus crew for hooking this up and thanks to Paule Ka for letting us drink their champagne and for letting us spread our love like a musical STD.

Where was Bentley though? Here are some pics from our last parisian jaunt taken with his fair hands: