Thursday, 6 November 2008

Sian Alice Group 'The Dusk Line'

Guess this is a bit old now... well a few months anyways.

Basically, I have to deal with all kinds of nause; trying to find Kanye West and his entourage somewhere to go clubbing on a monday night in the middle of berlin smack bang in the middle of trance town, being sent to coax Wiley out of his trailer and convince him that dancing foxes wont make him look soft, driving for hours to find Fergies gang the right kind of chocolate etc etc...

So, when I get the chance to produce something like this, its a total godsend. Great band, great song, directed and shot by two of my best friends on an old modified tube camera from the 60's. Good times.

Check the links out to the side... get Sian Alice Group in your life. They're epic.

Here are some photos of some goofs mucking about and making a film. How it should be.

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