Friday, 22 May 2009

So... apologies, to anyone who cares, about the lack of updates recently. Crisis of confidence comes in many forms, but blog breakdown is a first for me.

There are some blogbabies out there at the moment who are just killing it. Straight keyboard hammers. I'm really feeling the pressure too much when mans are bringing their A game.

Here are some raw internetters who are maxing the laptizzy envelope:

DrEdson for fuzzy, nice vibes
TimDotNash for some funny, funny words.
LevTheMayorOfSouthbankAndPalaceWaywardsBoysChoir for the realness
ChromeBall for OGeeks
Jacob for consistency and japes

This is daft:

Wit and concentration escapes me today so I'm just going to whack down some random pictures from the last few days, and hope people still read my blog.

I'm off to Thailand in a bit, with these guys and because of this:


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