Monday, 14 September 2009


Anyone that knows me, knows that although I consider myself a discerning critic of cinema, I really do go and see every piece of celluloid flotsam out there.

This basically means that I spend a lot of money and time on utter gash and my word probably stands for nothing.

This film however, is a straight up banger ... probably one of the best things to hit mainstream cinema in the longest time. You really need to take my word for it.

No diggedy.

I've been feeling Neill Blomkamp for a long time since he brought out the creepy yet endearing short 'TempBot'.

Make sure you check out another pinnacle short he did, that District 9 stemmed from...

Best Peter Jackson related project since Meet The Feebles or Bad Taste.

Fuck you Bilbo Baggins.

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